Unsure how to keep healthy during Christmas while still enjoying those special moments? Here are my top 5 tips.

The countdown to Christmas has started. Who doesn’t need that break and make the most of this very special occasion?

But what if we are working on our health journey?

This is in fact a question I am getting a lot from my clients, as we meet up to discuss next steps ahead of the festive season.

My answers to them are tailored to their own specific requirements but I’d love to share with you 5 easy tips to keep healthy during the Christmas break without losing your sparkle!

1. Don’t skip breakfast

This might be time for parties, late dinners, a bit more alcohol or just lots to do in the morning as we frantically get the day perfectly organised for our family and guest… I get it, but a balanced breakfast does remain important. Why? Because it will support our adrenals, get our digestion started and key nutrients will also help our liver do its job properly.

Ensure your breakfast has a good balance between proteins, healthy fats and carbs, while also allowing for antioxidant rich fruit and vegetables.

Need ideas? Head over to the “Free For You” page for some delicious breakfast ideas!

2. Too full from dinner?

I can’t think of anything better than dining with family and friends during the Christmas season. Though that can be too nice and indulging. So, let’s watch out our tummy in the morning. If you are skipping breakfast because you are still full from dinner, or you wake up in an odd mood it might be a sign you have eaten too much or have not digested well.

It is always a good idea to start a heavy meal with some bitter greens. They will stimulate enzyme production and bile flow, promoting digestion and better absorption of food. Their high fibre content helps to eliminate waste and promotes a healthy metabolism.

Bring on the rocket, radicchio, watercress, mizuna, amaranth…

3. Get cosy but active:

I can’t wait to put my feet up and we should all put the break on. But let’s not forget that we might be eating and drinking a bit more than usual, so it is a good idea to keep as mobile as possible. Without going crazy, where you can squeeze in that lovely walk, that nurturing yoga session or just use the free time while cooking to do some squats or other easy exercises in the kitchen. Ever heard of the 5 minutes kitchen workout from Dr Chatterjee?

4. What is in the glass?

Keeping us hydrated is just as important as keeping us fed. Every cell inside our body needs water to function.

Let’s keep up our 2L water goal, ensuring we have enough water between alcoholic beverages. It really can make the difference in helping to detoxify alcohol.

And don’t forget that herbal teas count towards your water intake. How about a fresh peppermint tea after dinner to ease digestion?

5. Don’t lose sight of your end goal

Whether it is weight loss, hormonal support, glucose balance or others…all those health goals have one common denominator. They require you to be happy, on board and motivated.

Don’t let one overindulging event define your whole journey. If you fall, just stand up, shake it off and keep going through your path.

Counting your achievements might be a better approach than counting the calories in this period. Set yourself realistic goals. Goals that will allow you to join in and celebrate with your loved one, while keeping the milestones of your health journey in place.

Reach out if you have any questions.

In the meantime, I wish you the best time in this Holiday Season. 

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