Hi, I'm Angela...

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Nutrigenomics and Functional Medicine Practitioner, specialising in women’s health and founder of Nutrimente.

I am based in Farnham, Surrey, and I see clients both virtually/online and face to face.


So that you know who I am, let me give you a brief overview of my self-healing journey.

It all started 10 years ago, when admitted to A&E with inexplicable pain over my abdomen I came to the realisation that my seemingly perfect life had taken a toll on me.

I had learned to live with a constant cold and a rather annoying cough, dealt with horrendous PMS symptoms, limiting migraines, IBS and heartburn with over-the-counter medications.

According to my doctor and all the specialists I was seeing I was fine.

Despite all the symptoms, for them my health was optimal.

That was instead my body telling me in all possible ways that I was not fine, something was not working.

That night I realised that one thing was missing in my life: Self Care.

  • My diet was terrible, I lived on refined carbs, sugary foods, and coffee.
  • Exercise and Mindfulness were non-existent, I was always too busy to sleep / meditate / relax and always too tired to go to the gym. I loved my job in the financial sector but boy, that was stressful at times!

So, I decided that I had to take care of myself, simple!

It wasn’t a smooth path, I had to sedate my ego and forget about some dreams along the way, but I am still glad I did it.

After studying Jungian psychotherapy, I discovered Vipassana meditation and that was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. It was the seed I needed to nurture further changes.

When planning for a family and suffering a miscarriage, I embraced nutrition. I realised the vital connection between body, mind, gut, hormones and how passionate I was about it.

So passionate that I went on to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist at the highly regarded College of Naturopathic Medicine where I graduated with distinction.

Now as a nutritionist, I specialise in woman’s health. Using the Functional Medicine principles, I support women who struggle with hormonal and mood imbalances, fatigue, weight gain or gut concerns and I empower them to make dietary and lifestyle changes to transform their future and feel great again.

My approach to health is holistic, just like in my self-healing journey, I work around three pillars with my clients: Nutrition (healthy eating), Movement (improved physical fitness) and Mindfulness (positive mental wellbeing).

I love what I do, and I’d love to help you.

“Angela has been on hand every step of the way with support and guidance whenever I have had questions. I genuinely feel she is invested in my health as much as I am and I have already recommended her to many of my friends and family. I have been thrilled with the progress I have made with my energy levels and mood and have learnt a huge amount about how my own body works along the way.”

– LUCY –

What are some of the skills you utilise the most in your day-to-day at work?

The most important skill for my job, above all, is my ability to listen.

Most of my clients have been struggling with their symptoms for ages but they never felt listened or understood.

After that, it is my ability to guide them through the best changes they can make for their health and wellbeing. Guidance and personalisation are key. We live in a very busy world and a list of endless tasks is the last thing my clients need.

Empathy is also essential to success, both for me and my clients. Studies show that the relationship clients have with a healthcare provider has a huge impact on their achievements.

Qualifications and Experience

2016-2020: Nutritional Therapy Qualification

Angela studied Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, where she graduated with Distinction.

2021-Present: Clinical Practice

Nutrimente was born. A Nutrition and Functional Medicine clinic with a Focus on Women’s Health.

2021-Present: Started Nutrigenomics trainings

  • April 2021: Mind Health Masterclass
  • November 2021: Women’s Hormones Masterclass
  • January – March 2023: Lifecode Gx Nutrigenomics Practitioner Program

2022 - Present: Started the Functional Medicine Journey with the Institute for Functional Nutrition

  • March 2022: Environmental Health Advanced Practice Module. Addressing the Toxic Effects of the Exposome by Enhancing Biotransformation and Elimination.
  • November 2022: Hormone Advanced Practice Module. Re-establishing Hormonal Balance in the Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Gonadal Axis
  • March 2023: Bioenergetics Advanced Practice Module. Clinical Solutions for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Dysfunction.
  • June-September 2023: Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.
  • November 2023: GI Advanced Practice Module. Restoring Gastrointestinal Equilibrium: Practical Applications for Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Gut Dysfunction
  • March 2024: Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module. Transforming the Assessment, Prevention, and Management of Chronic Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disorders

January 2023: Basic Pharmacology

Basic Pharmacology course with Debbie Grayson, Practice with Confidence

2023 - Present: Extra Functional Medicine trainings with the Kharrazian Institute

  • May 2023: Chronic Infections: Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications

“I’m fascinated by her knowledge and am very grateful for her time, expertise and support.”


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“Angela understands the reality of modern life and looks at ways to integrate positive changes into peoples' lifestyles with a holistic approach.”


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