Your Journey

starts with a FREE discovery call

This free 30 min call will allow us to talk about your symptoms and struggles and define the package or service that will best allow you to achieve your health goal.

Should I feel you might benefit from functional tests ahead of our Initial Consultation we will discuss that in detail and arrange for them to be carried out.


“After an initial chat, I was impressed with Angela’s knowledge and was confident she would be able to help me. ”

– LUCY –

What happens next?

Once you have booked your package you will be asked to complete a very comprehensive Medical, Lifestyle and Health history questionnaire and a 5-day Food Diary.

These will need to be returned at least 72 hours prior to our initial consultation, alongside any recent medical/functional test results. This will allow me to do enough research ahead of our meeting.

During our Initial Consultation, which will last approx. 90 minutes, we will discuss your answers to the questionnaire and take the opportunity to dig deeper and explore the possible underlying causes to your symptoms.

A fully Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan catered to your needs and preferences will follow, alongside Tailored Recipes and Meal Plans to support your journey towards achieving your health goals.

You will never be left on your own! A number of Follow Up Consultations or Support Calls, frequency depending on your package, will allow us to check the progress on your health journey, make any necessary changes and keep you motivated and accountable.

“Her consultation process is so thorough, my entire medical history was covered, and I just felt really understood.”

– LUCY –

The right package for you will depend on your health concern, for example whether you may benefit from functional testing to understand the cause of your symptoms, and the level of support and guidance you wish to receive, whether it is weekly, fortnightly, or monthly support.

“Angela has lots of great ideas which appear to have worked.”

– tasha –

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