Before I started working with Angela I was struggling with losing weight, especially around my tummy. I thought I was doing things right by exercising regularly and "eating well", and I wondered why what had worked for me in the past did not seem to work anymore. I was not sleeping properly and I didn't realize this also has an impact on hormones and weight. We worked on aspects like managing my sleep (it was terrible) to help with healthy weight loss, the type of food I needed to add to my diet to balance my hormones, and also techniques to manage stress By the time we finished, I was able to identify the kind of food that causes me inflammation and other bad reactions (like heartburn), my sleep issues practically disappeared. I learned a lot about the type of food that is good for me (I have increased the consumption of beans, nuts, and new vegetables I wasn't eating before). I have also learned more about my hormones, and what and when to eat to have a good balance. I have lost some weight but now know how to continue my journey on my own. I have learned a lot about nutrition in general and used some of the recipes Angela provided. As I sleep better, I feel better; and the best thing is that this is benefiting my whole family too, not just me, as I make the same meals for all of us. Because I am a single mum, I tend to use my finances on my kids and the house, but this investment in myself was definitely worth it. Angela is very knowledgeable and has a very gentle and soft approach.


I’ve been working with Angela for a few months now and am grateful for what we have achieved thus far. As a full time working mum, it’s hard to balance it all but Angela has been a great help with providing not only nutritional support for me and my family but also focusing on my own well-being journey, introducing new and improved habits into my daily routine. Change can sometimes be difficult to install but Angela’s technique makes it every easy do to so. I’m fascinated by her knowledge and am very grateful for her time, expertise and support.


I first approached Angela in December as I had recently been diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism and I was struggling with symptoms of extreme fatigue after training, mood swings, palpitations, and general anxiety. After an initial chat, I was impressed with Angela’s knowledge and was confident she would be able to help me. Her consultation process is so thorough, my entire medical history was covered, and I just felt really understood. Over the past few months working with Angela, she has helped me to understand my condition and symptoms and worked with my GP to obtain the optimum tests to support my progress back to full health. I have received a tailored and in-depth nutritional and lifestyle protocol which has helped alleviate my symptoms. Angela has been on hand every step of the way with support and guidance whenever I have had questions. I genuinely feel she is invested in my health as much as I am and I have already recommended her to many of my friends and family. I have been thrilled with the progress I have made with my energy levels and mood and have learnt a huge amount about how my own body works along the way. Thank you


I can’t rate Angela more highly, she is a very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and above all kind individual and nutritionist. I’ve been seeing her for a few months now, and through following her advice and guidance I’m feeling so much better in myself. She’s helped me with a number of health concerns, so much so that I’ve been recommending her to all my friends in Farnham (who have also been delighted with her service). You’ll be blown away by Angela’s knowledge of everything, it’s like talking to a medical professor. She’s also handled sensitive matters around genetic testing with kindness and support. I can’t recommend Angela more highly, she’s been wonderful in so many ways. Thank you Angela.


I started working with Angela to address my lack of energy and my struggles with constipation and bloating. These problems started after the birth of my child and the return to a full-time job which caused me stress and anxiety. What I appreciated the most was her holistic, person-centred approach. In this approach, food becomes one of the elements to analyse and rethink but not the only one. It is not simply dieting but embracing a new way of approaching nutrition: as a source of energy, balance, well-being and an important weapon to help the body feel good. To do that Angela analysed my physical and clinical conditions. My life has improved a lot. The problems I presented are now addressed and working with Angela helped me discover new foods and new ways of eating, also gaining variety and more fantasy in cooking. A practical element that I appreciated is that Angela tries to customize the path as much as possible. It was so worth the time.


I’ve been seeing Angela for a few months and she’s completely changed my outlook on nutrition. She is so knowledgable and professional but most importantly works with you to curate a personalised plan that works with your lifestyle. She got to the route of my issue and eliminates the symptoms. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone!


Angela is a wonderfully knowledgeable, empathic and sensitive nutritionist. I went to see her after having suffered with IBS symptoms and acne for years and not finding that any over the counter medications worked for me. Angela’s consultations were extremely detailed and I felt very listened to. She suggested a few precise yet manageable changes to my diet and for the first time I found myself free of the symptoms that had been causing me pain and discomfort. I’m so glad I sought Angela’s advice and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for expert nutritional advice.


I visited Angela for two main reasons. The first being that I often felt sick in the mornings when waking up and the second a general feeling of tiredness, linked to not always getting a good night's sleep. I completed a questionnaire before visiting Angela which we explored in detail during our first session.
Angela recommended increasing my fibre intake, some sleep remedies and taking a prebiotic for my stomach. She provided some helpful information which was easy to understand and follow. Within a month I was feeling better all round which was great. We had several follow up sessions to see how I was getting on which was very helpful. Angela is very knowledgeable, personable yet professional. She has lots of great ideas which appear to have worked.
I'm glad I found Angela, she was well worth the investment in myself.


I had a number of issues before working with Angela. I felt extremely tired,  lethargic with troubles sleeping at night and had stomach problems due to acid levels and gas. With Angela, we looked at and focused on my diet, daily routine and lifestyle. She was very knowledgeable about the possible causes behind my issues and what options we had to address them. I think she understands the reality of modern life and looks at ways to integrate positive changes into peoples' lifestyles with a holistic approach. At the end of our time working together, I noticed and continue to notice a massive change to the quality of sleep and a substantial change in my stomach issues. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Angela, I found her to be extremely understanding, empathetic and considerate. It is definitely a positive investment in one's self.


I would highly recommend Angela. I saw Angela because I had problems with sleeping. We had a thorough discussion about my medical background, food diary and general lifestyle. Angela made a number of suggestions, which were realistic and straight forward, and I was keen to make the changes straight away. After our consultation, I am a lot more conscious of what I eat and drink and how it can affect me. I feel better with myself, healthier and my sleep has improved. It was totally worth the investment, I only wish I had booked my appointment sooner.


Angela is an incredibly diligent, passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive nutritionist. Her careful analysis and clear ability to connect dots and find links/reasons made an immediate impact on my health and well-being in mind and body and I now understand my body so much better. I can’t thank Angela enough and am recommending her to everyone!


My Promise to you.

There is no right or wrong way to achieve health and wellbeing.

When working together we will look at finding the way that works for you, for your lifestyle, your goals and your needs.

We, together, will define your priorities and your achievable plan.

Impositions are not part of the way we work.

It is about meeting you where you are and taking you where you'd like to be. 

Will it be easy? It might or might not, it really depends on what we'll try to achieve and what we need to address.

But my promise is that I will make as easy as enjoyable possible, after all stress is not conducive to health!


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