The Pantry Makeover

Making the most of your beautiful kitchen

“ I had a 90 minute Pantry Makeover& Food Diary Review call with Angela recently and am really impressed with her knowledge, advice and passion. I came away feeling really inspired and excited about what I can cook and make instead of feeling stumped and unenthusiastic about the restrictions of my food intolerances. She has given me a lot of alternatives to use and some fabulous recipes that can be adapted for me that I can't wait to try. .”

– Kate–

What stands between you and a healthy meal?

The answer I get the most is: TIME

Usually followed by: I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO MAKE

Easy problems to solve!


What if I showed you how to stock up your pantry with great tasting, healthy options and gave you tips to make easy and delicious meals?

Expect this to be a dynamic and fun session where together we will achieve two things:

1.      Organise your pantry to ensure you have key healthy staples.

We will chat about good quality proteins, healthy fats and fats to use for cooking, herbs, grains and much more. I will give you my top picks in terms of brands and sources.

2.      Define your perfect meal plan to cater for your preferences, lifestyle and nutrition needs.

We will cover things like plate composition, balanced snacks and what to do to increase nutrient absorption. I will provide you with a weekly meal plan which will include recipes for your breakfast, lunch and dinners alongside snacks ideas.

Yes! I have included a complementary Weekly Meal Plan (worth £99) to make the experience more tangible and changes more achievable.

INVESTMENT (90 minutes): £350

Ready to start?

“ Angela introduced me to nut butters amongst other foods that I had considered banned for life because I had been influenced by the dieting industry since being a very young youth of 11 years.”

– sue –

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