Having worked for almost 20 years in big financial corporations in the UK and Italy, I know how important employees health & wellbeing is and the cost that stress and poor health can cause to productivity and motivation.


“We really enjoyed the sessions and we are also very pleased with the turnout (c. 250 people across the two sessions). The presentation was very engaging and informative, well-tailored for a large audience with different degree of understanding on nutrition. Working with you has been very pleasant and easy thanks to your high level of professionalism.”

– AMS –

As a skilled public speaker, I can work with you in different ways:

-        I can provide health & wellbeing seminars, lunch & learn, drop in clinics or group programmes for your employees

-        I can help you develop and deliver a corporate wellbeing strategy that is effective and suits your business

-        I can work alongside other wellness practitioners to provide a comprehensive and holistic support to your business and workforce

“I have just watched the recording. Thanks for this extremely good session. Angela gives an understandable explanation how nutrition and our lifestyle influence our mood and overall wellbeing and how we can boost it ourselves in a positive way. Besides nutrition tips she addresses many topics and areas in our everyday life where we can make a difference with only easy adjustments. After trying out different nutrition (eg vegetarian, vegan, low-carb etc), a few years ago I started to include both animal proteins (fish and poultry) and plant proteins in my diet, very little carbohydrates. I follow very similar nutrition that Angela describes and I´ve noticed the difference.”

– Attendee of Mental Wellbeing talk –

Examples of workshops, that can take place periodically or as a one off education session:

-        Gut Health and Digestion

-        Fatigue, Anxiety and Stress

-        Mental Health Awareness

-        Women's Health

-        Men's Health

Other collaborations:

-        1:1 consultations or drop-in clinics with staff members

-        5 day Food and Lifestyle Diary review for stuff members

-        Workplace and environmental assessment for healthier living

“Angela is extremely knowledgeable and therefore confident in answering questions and empowering women (and men) with what is happening during this phase of life.”

– Attendee of Perimenopause talk –

5 Pillars to a Happy Perimenopause

The Essential Guide to Navigate and Address your Symptoms

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