Looking for Healthy but Delicious and Quick meals for your working week?

Look no further, I have the solution for you!

"Easy and Healthy meals on the go!"

Let me ask you something....

Are you so busy that you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of spending hours cooking healthy meals?

Are you stressed out by all the planning required to have a healthy and balanced diet?

Are you anxious about the quality and variety of your food choices?

Are you concerned about the impact those food choices might have on your health?

Are all those healthy boring food choices not really appealing to you anymore?

Maybe you are looking for Healthy but Delicious and Quick meals to ease your workload?


Hi, I'm Angela

Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in women’s health.

I support women who are struggling with hormonal and mood imbalances, fatigue, weight gain or digestive issues and empower them to regain their long-lost energy and vitality.

I work with a holistic and collaborative approach directed towards implementing healthy eating while improving physical and mental wellbeing.

The aim is to make each, and every one of you feel the best version of yourself​, and to help you regaining your natural energy, strength and resilience.

Some of the feedback....

“I have learnt so much about alternative foods to the amount of sugar and carbs I ate beforehand, and I have felt much better for the changes. I also drink much more water and my skin has improved massively. I think I am also getting more organised by thinking about what I need for my well-being.”

“I have more energy and I am able to enjoy food more than I did before meeting with Angela.”

“At the end of our time working together, I noticed and continue to notice a substantial change in my stomach issues.”

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