My story out of the tunnel – how I defeated chronic migraine.

If you had met me in my 20’s and early 30’s you would have known, I was the person where to go if you needed paracetamol or ibuprofen. Bringing them with me was like bringing the phone or the wallet – you don’t go out without.

I struggled with headaches most of my adult life and in fact a more natural solution to this (alongside other health issues I had) was one of the drivers behind my nutrition journey.

It is kind of funny when I look back at a GP appointment I had when I was 28 years old and had just moved to London. I was so annoyed that none of the pills I was taking was working anymore. Migraine pills had always made me feel sick. His first reaction was: “Ok can you please take a diary for me and come back in few weeks?” I was furious! What, why? I need a pill, a new one, one that would keep me going minus the headache!

Listening to that suggestion could have probably saved me further years of migraines misery – silly me!

But I got there in the end. My migraines are now 1 or 2 per year, they used to be 1 or 2 per month.

How did I get there?

Well, I did actually keep a diary! And noticed there were quite a few factors at play.

I also realised that migraines were not a standalone factor for me, I had reflux, IBS, hayfever, multiple colds every year…to name a few.

So, I addressed my gut as a first thing. Unsurprisingly my first stool test revealed an awful picture of dysbiosis which is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine and damage to my gut lining.

1.     I reduced and where possible eliminated foods I reacted to. This included gluten for a while :-/, definitely histamine rich foods especially during grass pollen season. I am allergic to grass pollen and with a leaky gut, histamine from foods/alcohol etc would overwhelm the system.

2.     I supported my digestion. After 10 years on PPI (Omeprazole), my stomach acid was very low. Great for the reflux, but we do need the stomach to be acidic enough to digest and allow for the absorption of nutrients. Bitter greens, apple cider vinegar and when needed digestive enzymes.

3.   I introduced pre and probiotics both via foods and targeted supplementation to increase microbial diversity and heal my gut lining.

supported my hormonal balance. Hormones are supposed to fluctuate during the month and our lifetime, that is essential for us to work properly. But some of us are more sensitive to withdrawals and excess. In fact I have always had PMS.

4. I focused on detoxification, supporting my liver with my beloved cruciferous vegetables, the right proteins and the right nutrients, and elimination, increasing fibre, hydration and movement.

5.    I supported my adrenals while ensuring blood glucose regulation, to tackle cravings and energy deeps, very often my triggers.

6.     I Increased anti-inflammatory foods, like omega 3 fatty acids while minimising inflammatory ones like refined / processed food.

worked on my mental and physical wellbeing: appreciating that life is more than a “to do list” and that:

7.     yes, I did have time for some yoga, for meditation or a walk in the park and

8.     no, I did not need to put up with things I did not like, more than I could bear them.

9.    I implement a bedtime routine that encouraged sound sleep, so I started going to bed in the evening, not in the night!

10.  I worked with physiotherapist and osteopath to ensure my posture and movements were correct. Sitting on a desk for many hours and/or carrying children around and/or running from a place to another didn’t always allow that.

If you are like me in the past suffering from migraine and tried oh so many things, get in touch and book a Free Discovery Call with me today. Let me hear your experience. 

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